Leg 11

Cape Town, Namibia, Saint Helena, Salvador (Brazil)

2 January 2021 – 5 February 2021

We leave Cape Town and head up the west coast 785nm to Namibia. We will take a few days to explore this unique landscape that is distinguished by the Namib Desert which creates a barren and sandswept landscape along its Atlantic Ocean coast. It is also home to diverse wildlife and game found in the Etosha National Park and its coastal towns with their distinctive German colonial-era buildings.

We then head across the South Atlantic on a 1200nm passage to the pristine environment of Saint Helena. We will spend a few days exploring the 47 square mile island that is one of the remotest settled islands in the world, which has in turn created a sub-tropical paradise full of indigenous wildlife.

There will also be an opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks – these graceful, gentle giants converge off the shores where they feed in the warm coastal waters. We then leave Saint Helena on the 24th January for Salvador in Brazil, 1900nm away.

Salvador, listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, is Brazil’s first capital with a perfectly preserved old historical town. However, the outstanding feature of Salvador is its vibrant culture and artistic energy, stemming from its ethnic mixture – predominantly African, with influences from Europe and Latin America – all informing its music, religion, dance and culinary traditions. This makes it a perfect place to experience the Carnival celebrations (10-16 February), for which we will arrive just in time to enjoy.