Leg 12

Salvador, Cabedelo, Devil’s Island, Grenada

19 February – 21 March 2021

This leg begins in Salvador de Bahia, a unique colonial city that has managed to preserve many outstanding Renaissance buildings, with its bright colours and exquisite stucco work. There will be time to explore this lively town along with its flamboyant fusion of local art, food and music.

We then depart on a relaxing cruise up the northeast coast, which offers the opportunity to experience the hidden gems of Brazil, away from the larger cosmopolitan cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Our tour up the coast will provide a chance to delve into the beautiful beaches, quaint colonial towns, excellent kiteboarding spots, lively street parties, friendly locals and immersion in the intoxicating salsa music.

We will rendezvous with the WARC fleet in Cabedelo before heading north on the 4th March, 1330nm away, for a brief stay in Devil’s Island. This mostly abandoned island is part of French Guiana and was a former French penal colony for political prisoners in the 1800’s. Here Captain Dreyfus was imprisoned and the famous film Papillon was set there.

We then cruise to Grenada, 690nm to the northwest, known as ‘The Island of Spice’ due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops. This leg ends here, but there will be ample time to explore the lush landscape of this volcanic island, hike to the waterfalls or dive the world’s first underwater sculpture park.