Hands-on Fiji

The period of British colonialism in Fiji is so long ago that few vestiges of those years remain. In Suva, the capital on the island of Viti Levu, only the Grand Pacific Hotel retains the memory. After the Second World War, in which Fijians also participated, Queen Elizabeth during an official visit, stayed here in … Read more

The value of friendship and the ghosts of Fiji

We sailed on the morning of Monday, 6th July from Bora Bora, with a course set for the Fiji islands, in a flotilla of three boats: Milanto, Ariel and the catamaran, Sea Lover. We had long discussions prior to departure on the best day to leave due to the unfavourable marine weather forecasts for the … Read more

Bora Bora is the greatest gift

‘David, don’t get into trouble!’ Federica shouts to her little son, who following her, has jumped out of the jeep and is running towards the rubbish bins. She is an Italian from Milan, who has lived in Bora Bora for years and has set up a small perfume company that uses essential oil sourced from … Read more

The ancient spirits of Raiatea and today’s crimes

They came from every island in Polynesia to celebrate the union of the people who inhabited a large area of ​​the Pacific called Te-Moana-Nui-o-Hiva, otherwise known as the Polynesian triangle, that has Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand as its boundary markers – inhabited by the Ma’ohi civilisation from before the year 1000. They sailed … Read more

The farthest record shop in the world

In the centre of Papeete, near the central market – in a large structure covered in red and white iron sidings, where pearls and fruit, flowers, fish and coconut milk are sold – there is a small temple of music, a paradise for record fans in vinyl. The yellow printed sign on the window shows … Read more

The dangerous archipelago

We got lucky, it could have been worse. This is often said when the danger has passed. When the tension drops, the damage is assessed and it is clear that no one has been injured, except for some scrapes. But the boat is intact, the damages are repairable. Yet in the middle of the storm … Read more

The Honeymoon Island

Moorea is that island of Polynesia where couples from all over the world come on their honeymoon. Not far from Tahiti, it has volcanic topography like the other islands of the Society. It recalls the shape of a fork because of the two deep bays that are located on the north coast: Cook and Opunohu … Read more

Three Polynesian legends

A book of Polynesian legends, purchased by a friend in a Tahitian bookshop, sparked my curiosity. I understood that in these myths lies the core of the culture of these places. In fact, many names of beaches, locales, cultural sites, temples and even people I met, mention names of ancient gods or events told in … Read more